Community Rules

These are the official rules for my Discord server 'chat.jasewolf.com'. Please read them before you use the server. They also apply to any Facebook group that I run.

(1) Respect

Be respectful and polite to others. You will be banned if you do anything of disrespect, such as, but not limited to:
• Swearing
• Using slurs (even if reclaiming is the intent)
• Racism/xenophobia
• Homophobia/transphobia/queerphobia
• Sexism/misogyny
• Ableism
• Bullying
• Fighting/arguing
• Typing in capitals, or should I say, shouting
• Targeting others
• Sarcasm/testing people's patience
• Make fun of unfortunate real world events
• Talk/jokes/insults about rape
• Jokes/insults about depression, self harm, or any disorders/addictions/suicide related things etc
• Jokes/insults about mental/physical/medical conditions, disabilities, or diseases

(2) Arguing

I can understand that you may not agree with everything other people say but please do not argue and say things such as "you do not know anything", "you are wrong" or anything else like that. It is rude and it is offensive.

We all know about things others may not and others know about things we may not. If someone else or you has said something that is incorrect, make it a situation where we all learn something new rather than making it an argument or just agree to disagree and move on.

Keep the community friendly, helpful and fun. If you have problems with people and they are doing nothing wrong, please do not come onto this community.

(3) Believe someone shouldn't be here?

In the past, situations have happened where members who are close are not happy with each other being in my communities.

If situations like this occur, please do not make a fuss, instead please contact me privately.

The only time I will remove someone from my community is if they are breaking any rules and/or if I have been asked by a parent/guardian to remove them (if they are under 18).

If they are following the rules, have consent from their parents/guardian or is over 18, they have every right to be in this community.

There will be no danger in this community as long as you abide by the rules. As long as everyone in the community does this you have no reason to feel unsafe.

(4) Minors

Since 1998 in the US, it is against the law to use a social network under 13 years of age without parental consent. From 2018 in the EU, it is against the law under 16 years of age depending on EU state.

For the sake of consistency and that data consent ages worldwide are an absolute minefield, please do not join this community under the age of 16, regardless of country.
You MUST be over the age of 16!

For more information about this issue, please read:
• Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) (if in US jurisdiction)
• EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As an important safety aspect, please do not post photos or videos of your or anyone else's children under the age of 13.

(5) Indecency

Anyone over the age of 16 can join this community so please do not upload, message or speak anything that is considered as filth, and do not use foul language.

Anyone caught using extensive amounts of foul language will be banned and ones posting filth will also be reported immediately!

Please keep this community suitable for all ages.

(6) Speak English

Anyone is welcome in this community, regardless what country they are from, even if English isn't their first language. However, this is a English speaking community so in order to be a member, you must be able to speak English.

On Discord, feel free to talk in your own language among others in voice channels if you all speak that language, but if you are among other people who do not speak that language, please speak English at all times.

If you can't speak English why are you joining?

This does not however mean you absolutely must be fluent in English.

(7) Spam, Piracy & other illegal activities

Feel free to discuss about whatever you wish as long as it is abiding by these rules. You may not post links or attachments unless authorised. Please do not spam or advertise here and do not post/link mallicious or illegal content.

Discussion or committing piracy in this community will not be tolorated. You may have your reasons to not support people/companies due to their actions, yet still are a fan of their creations. I'm not here to stop you from doing that. If you are going to torrent them, go ahead but do not bring it into my community and do not even discuss about it here.

If you are caught doing or discussing about any of the above activities, you will be banned.

(8) Copyright

If you have been authorised, what ever you post/upload in this community, please may I ask that you make sure you have the rights to whatever you post.

If it's your own intellectual property, things that you own all the rights to, you are more than welcome to post it.

Even if it is licensed as Creative Commons or Public Domain, please link to the source instead.

If it is someone else's intellectual property licensed as All Rights Reserved, the only acceptable method is to share a link to the original source, NOT reposting that content directly onto here.
I do not tolerate copyright infringement at all so be sure you have the rights to what you post.

(9) Have Fun

This is a non profit community that is run for your enjoyment.

On Discord: Whether it is to play games, to talk, meet new people, this is a friendly space for you.

On Facebook: Keep to the topic of the group. That is what the group is there for, but anything related, whether it's serious or just some fun, or something interesting, you're completely welcome to share.