Sweech is a very simple Wi-fi file sharing app, that creates a server with a web interface for you to connect to from your computer's web browser. It is mostly free except for some extra settings that you likely will not require.

How you use Sweech will vary slightly on whether your phone and computer are connected to the same router, or if you're tethering your computer to your phone via Wi-fi/USB.

Download & setup the app

1) Download Sweech by clicking here or search Sweech in the Play Store, and install it.

2) Open Sweech and tap the big green button.

3) You will be asked to let Sweech access your files. This is needed for Sweech to work so click allow.

4) You will now see an IP address shown above that big green button.

Accessing via same network connection

If your computer and phone is connected to the same network connection, in your computer's web browser, visit the IP address that Sweech shows you to access the Sweech web interface.

Accessing via tethering to phone

When you tether a computer to a phone, the phone acts as a router for that computer. Because of this, if you try to, in your computer's web browser, go to the IP address Sweech shows you, it will not work.

In order to access the Sweech web interface in this case, you need to use the router IP address shown in your computer's network connection info.


1) Open the start menu/screen.
2) Type "Network and Sharing Center".
3) Open "Network and Sharing Center".
4) On the right click on the connection name.
5) Click the Details button.
6) The Router IP will be shown beside "IPv4 Default Gateway".


1) Open System Preferences
2) Then open Network.
3) On your connection click on Advanced on the right.
4) In Advanced, click on the TCP/IP tab.
5) On this page you will see the Router IP.


1) Open Terminal.
2) Type "netstat -dr".
3) The first option will tell you the Router IP under the Gateway column.
Use this IP address instead of the IP address Sweech shows you, but make sure you include the :port at the end. You will then of accessed the web interface.

Using the web interface

The web interface is extremely simple to use.

Click on folder/file names to open (files will download if cannot be opened).

Click on the folder/file icons to select, or click the double tick in the top right to select all. This gives you the option to download or delete whatever is selected.

The folder icon with the plus next to the double tick, that allows you to create a new folder.

To send files, click on the upload button in the bottom right corner.
By using this, you do not need to use any drivers or special app like you possibly would have to by using USB OTG normally.

If you've just reinstalled Windows and need to get your Wi-fi working, you probably are going to use your phone to download the drivers that are needed.

If you travel and use mobile internet as your only connection that you aren't allowed to tether with, you can use this method to do what's needed on your phone and then transfer it over. Though turn your mobile internet off when tethering, otherwise you'll be told off by your network provider.

I hope this has helped you, so if you're stuck trying to email some photos that are on your computer, or stuck trying to get your computer online after reinstalling, you shall not be stuck anymore.