Wouldn’t you just love to be able to open, edit and create Office documents wherever you are without needing Microsoft Office and have all of your files with you wherever you are without needing to use a memory stick?
Well there is an amazing website that allows you to do just that, and it is owned by the same company whom makes Windows. That’s right, Microsoft has a perfect answer for you, Microsoft OneDrive.

OneDrive (formally SkyDrive) is an online cloud storage service which gives you 7GB free cloud storage space where you can store documents, music, videos, pictures and all sorts of files.
If you have heard about Dropbox, iCloud and/or Google Drive, OneDrive is much like those cloud services, but it is so much richer in features and in my opinion, it is the most simple out of the lot.

Because OneDrive is a Microsoft product, it is fully integrated with your Windows Live/Xbox account so you can log straight into OneDrive with the same credentials as you would on Hotmail/Outlook, MSN, Bing, Windows Live Essentials, Xbox Live, Windows 8+ and Windows Phone.

As soon as you log into OneDrive, at the top left of the screen there is a menu entry “Create”. In the drop down menu after clicking, you have the choice of creating a Word Document, PowerPoint Presentation, Excel Spreadsheet/Survey, a new folder or a OneNote Notebook.

What ever you create will automatically be saved into your OneDrive cloud storage and this will sync across all of your devices that have OneDrive integrated such as Windows 8+.

Whilst you are editing a document, you can have other people editing the same document as you and everyone will see each other’s edits in real time.

I hope you found this quick and simple tutorial helpful. If you are more into the Google ecosystem, Google Drive offers a brilliant alternative with a classic drop down menu style interface.