When a website does not function correctly on a browser, the most obvious solution is to try it in a different web browser. I prefer Google Chrome to other browsers and I always recommend you to use a web browser other than Internet Explorer but of course not everywhere you are able to do that. For an example in a school, or a business, you likely will have to put up with Internet Explorer.

So how do you fix a incorrectly functioning/displayed website in Internet Explorer?

Microsoft has included a feature called Compatibility View in all Internet Explorer releases ever since version 8. It is very easy to find and once you know where it is you won’t miss it, but if you never knew about it then it is very easy to miss.

When you are on Internet Explorer, look up at the address bar where the reload button is. There is a icon that looks like a piece of paper snapped in half. If that is there then it likely means that Internet Explorer has noticed some things on the website aren’t showing/functioning correctly. If you hit that icon, then the page you are on will automatically reload (make sure you’ve saved what you are doing so you don’t loose any work) and the problem should be solved.

If the icon is not there, that means that Internet Explorer cannot find any problems with the website.

If the compatibility view does not solve the problem you are having, it likely either is that it is incompatible with Internet Explorer entirely or the website has problems.

Always make sure that the web browser you are using is up to date for as much security as possible and the best experience.

P.S: An up to date web browser will not replace the need for a Firewall/Anti-virus program. So always make sure you are fully protected.

Starting with Windows 8 (Microsoft’s latest OS at time of writing), although there is a built in Anti-virus and firewall, I still recommend using a third party one.

I use BitDefender, because it does not effect the performance and is always my preferred Anti-virus app.

For firewall, you shouldn’t need to worry about that unless you are on a Windows OS older than Windows 7. If so and you do not want to upgrade, I suggest you try ZoneAlarm free firewall. Though keep in mind that browsers and Microsoft will not support outdated operating systems forever.