Batch Converting RAW To JPG With ImageMagick

Date Published: 26th September 2017

Needing a fast, simple and free way to batch convert all your uncompressed RAW photography for a backup drive or cloud storage? Wishing you had a second card slot on your camera for on the fly JPG backups but don’t want to pay 1000s on a higher end camera with that functionality. Don’t want to waste space saving as JPG on the SD card you are saving the RAW photos to? ImageMagick has you sorted.

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How To Turn Your Laptop Into A Chromebook

Date Published: 25th November 2013

Have you ever used Google’s Chrome Operating System?
Do you like what Chrome OS offers but are not fond of the still limited choice of Chromebook devices?
If you own a laptop or computer sitting around, given about two hours you can have a very nice Chromebook at your hands.
Read on to find out how.

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