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Stop saying you’re ugly

Me: Hey cutie :3
Girl: I’m ugly not cute!Me: Same story with all. It always takes someone else to see your beauty. You can’t see it yourself. But what ever is ugly to someone is beautiful to others and what’s beautiful to someone isn’t so beautiful to others.

We all see differently. We are all beautiful in our own ways. Some see it, others don’t, it’s how they see things. They may love yellow, others may hate yellow. But the fact is its still beautiful but in its own unique way. Accept that!! Accept that you’re beautiful, even if deep within you can’t accept it, show that you do accept it, do your hardest to accept it, for you are you!! Like it or not you were born as you and you will die as you and you should be proud as you because god chose you as you and god makes NO mistakes.

Someone’s reason to smile

You are someone’s reason to smile!!
Even if you don’t know it, even if you’ve never met that someone before, you are that persons reason to smile and he/she does not understand why they smile so hugely.
Every life has a true love and no matter how hard it is and how long it’ll take to find that person, it’s when you’ve found that person that matters, all the moments you cherish with them for the rest of your days and for eternity. You are beautiful.

Beauty comes in all shapes, colours and sizes

Beauty comes in all different shapes, colours and sizes. What may be ugly to some is the most beautiful sight ever to others.
Everyone’s beautiful, sadly though no one really can see their own beauty. It always takes someone else to see that beauty, otherwise I guess we wouldn’t ever be looking away from the mirror as we’d always wanna see ourselves each second.

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You are beautiful

No matter what shape or size you are, always remember that you are beautiful.If you’ve got a caring heart then you’ve just proved that you’re 104% pure beauty!!!

No words can really describe your beauty as all of your beauty is so unique, and that’s what’s so beautiful about the human race, that we all are unique. It’s what makes us us!
Don’t say I wish I had so and so’s body as you don’t realise how much your body is the most beautiful body ever to a special someone.
Don’t let others destroy you by them saying you’re fat etc, as in reality they mean you’re beautiful and the only thing fat about you is that you’ve got a fat caring heart.