Your Escape

This song isn't about sticking by someone who is playing you, it's a song about how yours and another person's mental illnesses/conditions can warp your mind. This is a song about frustrations regarding dealing with all of this. The weeks of no talk when you're trying to be there but don't get acknowledged.

Do they not care for you? It could be the face of bipolar, it could be like me just simply emotional meltdowns because of my autism, or simply insecurity. All I know is despite what goes through my mind, I want to continue being there.

Don't keep yourself stuck in toxicity, but don't assume something is that because the more emotionally attached you are, the more bothered by silence you'll be. But what is the silence? It's not a simple question.

My mental mind last night just plunged all the way back to where I was in 2013. I haven't dropped that low since 2014. Life is an endless road of recovery. You will have your lows, big lows. You're human. Don't be ashamed of that!

Need to talk to someone?

In the UK, Samaritans can be contacted on
116 123.
In Australia, Lifeline can be contacted on
13 11 14.
In New Zealand, Lifeline can be contacted on
0508 828 865.
In the US, the suicide prevention lifeline is
1-800-273-8255 or 988.
In Canada, the suicide prevention lifeline is
Other international helplines can be found at befrienders.org.

Date Published: 30th July 2019
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