Your bigotry isn't accepting Jesus

Are you a Christian? A Jew? A Muslim? A Pagan? A Buddhist? Hindu? Agnostic? Atheist? Or anything else?

Do you stand on the side of fighting injustice? Do you love and support people of all minorities, ethnicities, whatever their faith, whatever their skin colour, their gender and attraction orientation, how they dress, and wherever in the world they are from?

If that's you, you are loving thy neighbour as thyself just like Jesus told us to.

Are you someone that speaks hatred in Jesus' name, in God's name, someone that forces their religion onto others and tells them they are full of sin? Are you a person that'd tell this West Asian person to go back to where they came from? Would you tell them that they're hellbound for following a religion other than your own?

Are you the kind of person that believes biblical law is the only correct law? Do you believe others are lesser because they've broken the social construct that is virginity, that they have the balls to be an adult creator, and just own their bodies? Do you believe it's all fine to call yourself pro-life when you are nothing of the sort, rather that you are simply pro-birth and anti-choice? You say you're pro-life, but play a part of the whole problem of why abortions need to exist as an option in the first place? Do you believe law created by governments of the land should be inseparate from what you and your book defines as the word of God?

If this is you, I don't know what your God and book is telling you, but this is not what Jesus wants. You are not the person that's standing with Jesus fighting the injustice of his people. You are the one playing a part of the very injustice that put him on that cross. You are the one that would show hate to the king you claim to love and serve if he came down from the heavens today. You would be expecting someone white. You would be expecting him to be in agreement that your bigotry is holy.

The bible may speak that in order to live eternity not in hell, in order to pass through the narrow gate, you must love and accept Jesus as the Messiah, as your lord, your king.

You might be seeing him as your king alright, but if you cannot show love to your neighbour just because they are different to you, and think of yourself as superior. Guess what? You are not accepting Jesus.

You cannot accept Jesus without accepting him as historical fact speaks of him, as a person who taught love and fought against the injustices of his people. If you cannot follow in Jesus' footsteps and stand up for those that are oppressed, and spread love, you are not accepting Jesus.

In my belief, Jesus could never fault a person who is full of love, standing up for others, treating everyone as equals with compassion. Jesus couldn't fault you because you are in disagreement/unsure of what to believe of whether he's God's son.

Jesus knows our hearts. Living your best life, being a force for good in this world. Not being a part of the crowd that tortured Jesus on the cross, but rather against the crowd on Jesus' side. That is what Jesus demands from us, and that is all he ever could.

Call me whatever you like, a sinner, a faux Christian, someone fit for hell. But if your God doesn't love me but loves you besides all your hate and bigotry, send me to hell, for I shall worship what you call Satan.

Just as I have no appreciation for anyone who stands on the side of injustice, which literally affects how I myself live my own life as a queer neurodiverse individual, making it more difficult, I have no appreciation for a God which stands for the same.

I have spent too much of the last decade stressing over myself being sinful and whatnot. I refuse to any longer let a 1000+ year old heavily translated and corrupted book tell me what is moral and what is not.

Everything you bigots call evil is natural, good for the world and far from the evil that you only prove yourselves to be.

Love people, don't hate. Stand against injustice, not with it. Just stop telling people how to live their life as if you're superior, and stop being ignorant to what are very real problems in this world. We are only temporary in this world. But don't use that as an excuse not to care for the world.

Be free, embrace yourself, who you are. Don't let a religion, which doesn't know modern science, dictate your life. Don't let anyone dictate your life.

Just be you, be true, and embrace who you are.

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Date Published: 17th January 2021
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