You Are Strong, I Am Strong, We All Are Strong

Yes I am tired of this life
Yes I am sick of the sadness
Yes I am full with weaknesses
Yes I sometimes ask “Why me?”
But I have I have faith
And I believe
I am strong
I know that life brings us down, and I know that life can make you feel like giving up
But remember
You are strong
I am strong
We all are strong

Whether you live a life full of darkness, or full of light
You have a meaning
Why did God put you on this earth?
Don’t blame God for the unfortunate
Because that isn’t God’s job causing sadness
He creates love and hope and blessings and lessons

When someone leaves you in this life, take it as a lesson because if they were ever meant to be a blessing then why have they left you?
If someone passes away, don’t think they have left you, because as long as you always remember them, they will live on inside of you, and they will look after you, always be there for you.
You may not realise it, but I promise you, one day, you most certainly will.
Life isn’t all about sadness, it is about love, it’s about being strong and looking past the darkness because remember behind those clouds, there is always the moon and sun shining, there is always the stars shining, they are there always, whether you can see them or not.
And so is happiness, so is your future, so is your hope
It is always around the bend, whether you can see it or not, whether you can believe it or not.

It is alright to go to sleep crying, but wake up shining, for each day in life don’t get much easier than the last,
So today just be glad to be alive.
Stay believing and keep that faith that you are strong because no matter how weak you may feel, you are strong and forever will be, and if no one has told you before, here is me telling you

No matter how new those cuts are
No matter how much you cry
I am proud of you
Just stay strong
Because you are worth so much more than you think.

I Am Strong – The Grascals ft. Dolly Parton

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Other international helplines can be found at befrienders.org.

Date Published: 31st August 2013
Posted in: Christianity, Self-Esteem,
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