Would I ever accept a good God?

Would I ever accept a God?
Would I accept a God that's the father of Jesus?
Would I accept Jesus as the son of that God?
Would I accept that light?

The question is, is that God the same God the bible teaches?

Is he a God that flooded the earth to wipe out innocent life he deemed rotten?
Is he a God that used his authority on this world to abuse anyone that questioned him?

Is he a God that used that same authority to impregnate a woman? What was this woman going to do? Say no to a God that repeatedly showed no mercy?

Is that God like a cisgendered man with toxic masculinity that cannot handle rejection?
Is that God like a parent that thinks he is owed gratitude for bringing you into a world you had no say in the matter to?

Does that God send wonderful souls to an eternal torture over something out of their control?

Did that God send an angel to that eternal torture and paint that angel as the villain? Why do we just go along with that?

What did Lucifer actually even do that made a supposedly forgiving God disown him?
Where is Lucifer's say in any of this?
Or does that just not matter because he's like the child the whole family hates and lies about over just being who he is?

Does this God take in those that persecute others in the name of the son? The same persecution that Jesus fought against that put him on that cross?

Is this the God that awaits me? Would I accept this God? The answer to that is a big no. I will never accept a God that is abusive.

I believe there is more to this life. I do not want to believe that it's game over when our time comes.
And if there is a heaven, I do not want to believe it's open for those responsible for so much suffering.

But, the idea of a hell, I cannot accept. Not a hell that was created for God to torture one of his angels. How is that a God of good?

How do we know Lucifer is the evil we all are told? We are just meant to blindingly agree to what God says about him? Yet we mustn't bat an eye to the almighty God who is a known abuser?

Why do believers of this God call themselves God fearing? Why are they fearing a God that's meant to be for good?

A good God you shouldn't have to fear. A good God shouldn't be a toxic parent. A good God shouldn't be capable of torture. A good God should only be of love. A good God is an accepting God, and treats their own image as sacred.

A woman being impregnated by a God is a concept that I find so difficult to comprehend in any good way. A good God would get genuine consent. How I just do not know because even the goodest God still holds a powerful position that can intimidate a person into not saying no.

If Jesus is the son that God sent down to this earth, then I have a lot of questions for that God. And a good God should be open to answering those questions. How can I accept and love that God if they don't give me the chance when I meet them?

If Jesus is the son, and accepting him is what's required, tell me who wouldn't? Who honestly would not accept the beautiful soul that history and scripture teaches? A person who stood up for his people against the injustices they faced, and paid an impossible price for it.

Jesus should never of needed to die on that cross. Whether as just an incredible guy from history, or as a messenger of God, or as God's son, or as God himself.. I have nothing but love for him.

If Jesus is the light, it's impossible to me that anyone who follows his example could be denied the light.

If Jesus isn't THE light, he is still A light. He is a light for all to follow. And it isn't hard at all to follow. Be a good person. Stand up against the wrongs in this world. Stand up on the side that Jesus today would be on like he did 2000-/+ years ago.

Don't be those that'd of nailed him to that cross, that persecuted all he stood up for.. all that he'd stand for today. Just as I wrote in my "Your bigotry is not accepting Jesus" post.

You cannot accept Jesus without following in his footsteps, stand up for those that are oppressed, and spread love. If you do, then in my belief, Jesus could never fault you, a person full of love, just because throughout life you are in disagreement/unsure of whether he's God's son. And neither could a good God. Because a good heart is in itself acceptance of Jesus.

If the acceptance of Jesus as God's son is so important to God, a good God would be introducing him face to face when it's your time. No soul with a good heart could not accept that. And so no soul with a good heart could not receive the light.

If Jesus is Christ, is the Lord, is God, is the king of kings, then I accept him. If the father is a good God, and isn't the abusive God that we're taught to fear, I accept that God.

But that God can be nothing like the abusive one taught in the scriptures. I have no respect for a God that I need to fear. For that God, I will never again satisfy by fearing. No part of my heart can ever justify a God like that.

As for life, whether there's a God, and whether Jesus is the son of said God or not. All I feel for sure, that there's more to life than this. In the meantime, I'm here to just live my life, have a good heart, and if Jesus is lord, like I said above, I accept him. I know he'd accept me for me.

Honestly, no matter what one believes, or doesn't believe, in my belief, it's just impossible anyone with a good heart will not meet the light if that light is there, and what good heart would turn it down?

Even when I say I'd rather dance with the devil. I could never turn down the light, because that light to me does not oppose a darkness that's torturing an angel of God. That would not be a good God.

A God that is not good is no light at all. I will never accept a God like that, for I can only accept a good God.

Tell me I'm thinking something wishful. Tell me I'm trying to widen the narrow gate. Tell me I'm an abomination. Tell me I have no clue what I'm talking about. Go ahead and do all the things that pushed me away from what I'd spent a decade of my life believing. All I can tell you is, it's a toxic road fearing. Just love.

Many Christians do not believe in the concept of hell and realise the Bible is a very flawed, heavily translated and corrupted scripture. There's a lot of good. But there's a lot of bad. After all, it was written by man in a time long gone.

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Date Published: 9th March 2022
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