Will It Be The Knife Or The Pen? The Choice Is Yours, But Please, Get It Right

For me, lately it’s been the knife that I been resorting to. (not literally a knife, but what the knife represents) I’ve felt just so weak the past few weeks, I’ve been getting quite stressed, and I’ve just been completely ignoring the things I have written here on my blog and my Instagram account.

It’s a bad example on staying strong when the person who is telling you to stay strong goes and falls into the same trap as you. I know that, but then it’s a perfect example to show I am a human being. It’s an example to show that I am not perfect, that I make mistakes, and that it doesn’t matter how strong I am, I do still fall in my weaknesses.
I don’t really want to talk about what the reason was, as it’s personal, and I don’t want to shout it out all across the Internet, but put simply, it was heartbreak.

On Thursday last week (last week of August), I just completely had lost myself, and I am thankful that two guys came up to me whilst out in town to chat to me, put me back in control of myself, as they saw how upset I was and it just upset them.
I was lucky that they came, not the wrong person, as I know that if it was the wrong person who came, they could of taken advantage of me at my weakest, but no, God sent those two guys, because he knew I needed help.

If there was no God, I know that I damn well would of had the wrong person come, but I know there is a God, and he sent those two to me. That was his message to show me he still cares for me and is still looking after me, and to tell me to not lose hope.
You may not believe in any God, and I respect that, but I’m just saying my belief.

I know that I am a lot more better off than a lot of people are, but it doesn’t matter how better off you are, we all fall down sometimes, but in order to get out of our pain, we need to stand back up and face towards the brighter side of life. Stop believing the darkness when it says it’s the only thing in this world, as if you do not let it blind you, you’ll never lose the light.

The knife represents destruction, and the pen represents creativity.
Be creative, express your feelings, but please, just put that knife down, stop destroying yourself, and use the pen and be creative. You have so much to live for, you will soon enough realise what you are here for whilst using that pen being creative because that has certainly happened with me. I just picked up that pen, and eventually whilst I was busy writing some words of wisdom, I realised why I was brought on this earth… To do what I do here on my blog, and on Instagram etc.

It is alright to fall down sometimes, and it is alright to express your feelings on your own body. The choice is yours whether you use that knife or the pen, but like I said, please, get it right and be creative rather than destructive because you have so much to live for and you will find who you are and why you are here by being creative and in the end, you will feel so much better.

Black Veil Brides ~ Knives and Pens

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Date Published: 5th September 2013
Posted in: Addiction, Depression, Self-Esteem, Self-Harm,

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