What's So Important About Being Skinny?

Being skinny is not important what so ever because as long as you are healthy, that is all that matters.
If you’re trying to gain attraction from people, don’t because you’re only gonna attract ones that only are interested in your body what you own, not care about you.
The only people it is worth attracting is those you don’t even need to attract because those who care for you will see you as beautiful what ever your size and they won’t be attracted because your body, they’ll be attracted because of who you are, and surely you’d much prefer that?

I know I’m skinny as heck, I’ve always been skinny but its not for attraction, it’s simply because I’ve always been skinny and if I was gonna try get fat I’d have a well hard time trying. People say I’m too skinny, but I don’t care if I’m too skinny because I’m healthy, that’s all that matters, as long as you are healthy. It’s not about the attraction as whoever is worth attracting is already attracted to you how ever you look, what ever your size, what ever your voice. If people say you’re too fat and then you try to get skinny to make them think different, why are you even trying? Because they obviously do not give one single fudge about you, so it’s pointless even trying because if when you do attract them, all they’ll be coming for is to get a handful of your body, of what you own and nick your virginity away from you and then they’ll not give a single poo poo about you after.

So if you’re trying to lose weight, become skinny just so all these that call you fat will then think you’re beautiful, don’t bother because they aren’t worth it. Only those that are attracted to you what ever, they are who matter because its not what’s on the outside that they are so interested in, it’s what is on the inside.

You should never listen to people who say you are fat because they do not give one fudge about you, you could be the biggest person in the world, they’d call you fat, you could be the skinniest person in the world, they’d call you fat. And the only kind of attraction you’ll get from them is to make you do stuff against your will. It just really saddens me that people always getting called fat, they call themselves fat, and then those who actually care about them, that say the truth that their not fat, the person just doesn’t believe it because they believe a full out lie, they think the lie is a truth and then the truth is a full out lie.

I never see anyone as fat. Anyone who is actually over weight, you don’t even then be horrible to them and call them fat. Anyone who is over weight you don’t be nasty to them, you just give them some helpful tips on how to slim down and you just pray they’ll slim down for the sake of their health.

You shouldn’t even say to people if you can’t give them a little helpful tip as well. As calling someone overweight and then not helping them a tiny bit at least on how to lose weight, that’s just the same really as giving someone a task to do without instructions when they don’t have a clue what to do.

I a lot of times I have said to people about slimming down for their health but I always give them some tips on how to and I always point out how not to, as like what I’ve said to a number of people who are a bit over weight, if they can slim down then that will be great, but do it carefully, don’t starve, don’t try to rush it as if you do that then you have a big possibility of building up a eating disorder etc.
And also when you’re still developing, if you try to lose weight and you aren’t careful then you’ll cause health problems that you didn’t originally have which likely will effect your whole life.

So if you wanna lose weight, then first off, decide is it for attraction or for the sake of our health? If its for attraction, don’t bother, it’s not important, you are beautiful what ever your size, but if its for your health, do try slim down, but don’t rush that you’ll only make your health worse than what it first was.

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Date Published: 24th April 2013
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