This May Be Hell, But I'm Not Satan

This may be hell, but I’m not Satan
This may be wonderland, but I’m not Alice

I may be an angel, but I’m not God
I may have long hair, but I’m not Jesus
I may be Christian, but I respect those who aren’t
I may believe something, but I don’t judge others for not
I may have my flaws, but I’m still human
I may be weird, but I don’t give a Chapstick
I may be wicked, but I’m not evil
I may get upset, but I’m still staying strong
I may be harsh at times, but I don’t bully
I may be a writer now, but I still can’t find the rights words from time to time
I may compliment, but I’m not stalking
I may be up in the clouds, but I’m still very down to earth
I may be bleeding, but it don’t mean I’m crying
I may have my stripes, but it don’t mean I’m weak
I may be growing up, but I’m still the same human being
I may be odd, but I was born this way
I may be the round peg in the square hole, but I still belong
I may be insane, but I’m a genius
I may be crazy, but I will change this world
I may be autistic, but it’s a gift not a disease
I may have a hard time, but I’m not giving up
I may be following my dream, but I’m not avoiding reality
I may not love ugly people, but that’s because they don’t exist
You may be a different colour to us, but you haven’t been misplaced
Your relationship may of ended, but true love lasts forever
I may be wise, but there is still a child within me
I may not be smiling, but I’m still happy
I may not get along with people, but I don’t hate them
I may ask for help, but I’m not an attention seeker
I may be on fire, but I’m not burning
I may be confident, but I still have my moments
I may listen to other music, but I’m still a Lovatic
I may not show it, but I’m imperfect

I am flawed
I am weird
I ain’t the smokin’ hot person you see on TV carrying a train
I am different
I am insane
I am crazy
I am autistic
I get upset
I have my stripes
I break down
I ain’t perfect, but I don’t want to be fixed one bit because baby,
That’s just me!
I’m perfectly imperfect!!

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Date Published: 22nd March 2013
Posted in: Christianity, Poetry, Satan, Self-Esteem,

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