There's No Reason To Rush In This Life

Oh hai
It’s Mickey here
I stole Jase’s iPod
Don’t worry though
I will give it back to him, but I think it’s time for me to make a speech for ya’ll.
And please cud you gimme feedback? ^.^

I have been Jase’s BFF ever since well ever since he was around 2 years old and each night he cuddles me, and really I have been the only person other than his mom who truly understood Jase and was truly a friend to Jase. Even though I often or not would wake up fallen on the floor or at the other end the bed or something like that, I know he doesn’t mean it. If you visit this video we made together you’ll see how troublesome I am.
I’m pretty sure you all can guess my relationship with Jase now? Ok well here’s something now for your benefit ^.^

You are beautiful. I don’t give a Donald about if you hate me or love me, because I know I can’t please everyone, but I love you all. I think you are beautiful! And I stay in show business for all of you out there who love me regardless of what idiots say against me because if you try and tear me down I will be rising from the ground like a rocket going to the moon. (Hmm I remember that. That was so fun :D).

I did not rush to get to where I am today, I had to take my time. I can’t rush things, because that’s not the way our God made things. Does he rush? Does he rush Mother Nature to do her duties, or did he rush Jesus Christ? No, because his attitude is let things happen at its right time at the right place and that is 100% correct.

You can’t rush things, you have to be patient. Like its no good trying to rush your computer to do something as it will go as fast as it can cope. (Mind you if it’s dreadfully slow try Linux)
Don’t say that things won’t happen because they will happen only in the correct time and in the correct place and ok you may be thinking “but when?”, but what did I say? I said you have to be patient.
Love. We all have a love of our life waiting for us to enter their world or to enter our world, but you can’t rush the future, and what rush is there? Love will come at the right time at the right place when you really urgently need it. It will save you. Love is like that, it will come when it is needed, and if it is true love then it will stay put for the rest of your days because god says love never fails and he means true love, like between me and Minnie, Donald and Daisy. You may say that we all have perfect relationships that nothing goes wrong but that’s strictly not true.

In fairy tales, so much goes wrong, entirely, it’s just like life, so life is a fairy tale, and a fairy tale does have a happy ending, but that is because the person(s) it’s about don’t stay put just saying they can’t do it, they try, and try and try and don’t give up. That is why a fairy tale has a happy ending and all fairy takes, and basically all of these films out there have one big meaning, never give up! My cartoons/films all have that meaning, well when I say all, I mean the ones that have more of a story line rather than just comedy.

How many films have you watched where for an example the farther says to the daughter “anything is possible, you just need to believe in yourself then the whole world is yours to change”. Ok I just made an example but so many films I’ve watched with Jase, even just cartoons, animated films etc, we have both came across a scene exactly like this one I described. I find it so inspiring, and ever since Jase has started doing this on Instagram, we both notice it soooo much more and I really recommend you look out more for these things in films etc because they can just be so powerful these scenes, the best scenes through out the film, and that is why a film Jase wants to end up creating will hugely have one of those scenes.
(Opps, gave out a secret… Don’t tell him). (Wait.. damn he’ll find out as posted this lol.)

How you weigh. Don’t give a bananas how much you weigh, because if numbers are just numbers, they don’t say anything to you other than what it can feel and as far as scales are concerned everything is too heavy.If you are trying to lose weight, and there is a real reason to, e.g: for the sake of your health, then go ahead, but don’t rush it, don’t cut corners, what rush is there? Why are you trying to set a world record on getting slim in a day? Let yourself just gradually go down in weight healthfully, because if you cut corners then you will only regret it in the future. The is no rush, because say for an example you are trying to be skinny to be out on the beach in the summer, fair enough try lose weight, but if you haven’t slimmed down to what you want to be, don’t worry, don’t give a Goof about what other people think.

It’s your body, your soul, therefore it’s your choice, there’s no reason or point to even try to impress others because what does it mean to you having a lot of people call you sexy hot etc just because you look great compared to having friends compliment to you that you are beautiful etc not just by your looks but by your personality.

In person Jase never has had anyone really mention to him he’s cute handsome etc but he’s not bothered because what truly means a lot to him is when he has someone mention about his personality which he’s had a lot. That’s what you should be like, just be interested in having people compliment on who you really are, not who you are not.
Stay strong and I hope you do all take my advice. Love you all lots my beautiful friends and make sure to keep watching me and my friends for your laughing pleasure.

Yours lovingly
Mickey Mouse

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Date Published: 10th February 2013
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