Stop Saying You're Ugly

Me: Hey cutie :3
Them: I’m ugly not cute!
Me: Same story with all. It always takes someone else to see your beauty. You can’t see it yourself. But what ever is ugly to someone is beautiful to others and what’s beautiful to someone isn’t so beautiful to others.

We all see differently. We are all beautiful in our own ways. Some see it, others don’t, it’s how they see things. They may love yellow, others may hate yellow. But the fact is its still beautiful but in its own unique way. Accept that!! Accept that you’re beautiful, even if deep within you can’t accept it, show that you do accept it, do your hardest to accept it, for you are you!! Like it or not you were born as you and you will die as you and you should be proud as you because god chose you as you and god makes NO mistakes.

Need to talk to someone?

In the UK, Samaritans can be contacted on
"116 123"
In Australia, Lifeline can be contacted on
"13 11 14"
In New Zealand, Lifeline can be contacted on
"0508 828 865"
In the US, the suicide prevention lifeline is
In Canada, the suicide prevention lifeline is
Other international helplines can be found at befrienders.org.

Date Published: 29th March 2013
Posted in: Beauty, Body-Image, Self-Esteem,

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