Let's stop using God to justify violating intersex people

Intersex people are as common in the world as ginger people, and green eyed people. Ginger people make up for two percent of the world's population, and so do intersex people. People with green eyes, such as myself, also make up that same percentage.

When people try to justify that there's only two genders and only two sexes by that oh the doctor just chooses what they think is the predominant sex. It is both ignorance to the scientific knowledge we have today and it is a direct violation to that person.

UPDATE: I do need to update this at some point. Because I'm doing the right message for the most part, but quite flawed. Intersex isn't just about being of both sexes, when male and female is two of many sexes. Being of both is just one form of intersex, though doesn't at all invalidate what I'm trying to get across here.

When a baby is newborn, they look the same. The only thing you can tell them apart by is by what genitals do they have. When they have both, or some form that doesn't fit either sex, how can you tell which gender is predominant as a newborn?

Sure the doctor could go do an x-ray to see what they predominantly are internally. But that's a violation in itself to the baby that has nothing at all wrong about them. So choosing a sex for that baby when they're both is absolutely wrong.

Firstly, it encourages the act of "fixing" that child, threatening the life and bringing in medical problems by doing so.

Secondly, if that child is predominantly the opposite sex to what they were marked as, that's at the very least an embarrassment in itself to the doctor that made the choice.

Thirdly, just because that child's body may be predominantly a particular sex, are they that gender in the brain?

And lastly, it is wrong to claim that an intersex person is always predominantly a particular sex. Just because they have a flat chest as they develop, doesn't say they're predominantly a male, or a female if they develop breasts.

An intersex person is so much more than their genitals and what they have on their chest. The only person who has a right in defining who they are is they the intersex person themselves.

If someone isn't intersex, well neither there do we have the right to define who that person is based on what their body is.

Sex is what you are identified as at birth. That doesn't change. And because it's not just simply black and white, sex is not simply two. There has to be a middle ground for when a baby exhibits features of both male and female, or neither.

Gender is what you identify yourself as in your brain, irrespective of what your body is. It is a spectrum. It is not connected to or the same as sex.

If you have a feminine brain in a male body, or a mix and match brain, it is inhumane for you to be forced to be what you simply are not just because you are in a body that says otherwise.

I am a Christian who does believe in that Christ came down to earth to give God's teachings and forgiveness to the world. I do believe that the bible was written in God's and Jesus' word. I do believe in that God, Jesus and the Lord are three and the same.

But the bible was written by man thousands of years ago. It was written by man how man perceived the world and understandings back then. It was written with God's and Jesus' teachings. But it was written by man.

The bible has gone through hundreds of translations, with many of which that have no direct possible ways to translate. A lot of what is said can only be perceived. You cannot know for definite what was meant, no matter how seemingly obvious it may mean.

Modern science was not around when Jesus walked the earth. Science is ever expanding it's knowledge every day.

Intersex people have always been around. Non heterosexual and cisgender people have always been around. They are as valid as heterosexual and cisgender people back when Jesus walked the earth, and they are as valid today when the MAGA lord and saviour is walking the White House. (Update 2021: Good riddance)

If your God sends people to hell because of literal science, as how a holy book from 1000s of years ago may suggest, then fuck your God.

My God knows life isn't just black and white. They know that biology isn't perfect, that it's perfectly imperfect.

My God does not go by a book written by man in the yester centuries gone by, nor want us to.

If I am to be sent to hell because I love a person of the same sex, who identifies as the same gender or not. If I'm to be sent to hell for if I identified myself as a different gender to my sex. (Future me speaking: Hi I'm Agender) If I'm to be sent to hell for changing my holy temple because it says so in a book. Fuck that higher power, and fuck all those who dictate that higher power onto anyone.

Fuck me and send me to that burning hell that sounds a heck of a lot more accepting than what your homo/transphobic preachings make heaven sound like.

God is supposed to be good. By being a force for good, that doesn't come with a wide and easy gate to go through to a peaceful afterlife. But when is a force for good rejecting someone who's lived a "holy" life besides having a different gender and sexuality identity? Since when is a force for good rejecting someone for being just who they are in their DNA?

How Christianity perceives God in the bible, that isn't my God. My God isn't looking at a man written flawed book as a judgement of what to do with me.

Christians, Muslims, Jews, anyone that sees my God as their God, a God that puts love above everything, welcome.

Those who believe in a God that is against anything but white people, anything but heterosexual and cisgender people, I don't know who you think your God is but he seems to be shouting MAGA and get Brexit done!

That God, that Christ, that lord and saviour you believe that is, fuck that God, fuck your God and bless your Satan I say.

Oh and for another update: check out my post Your bigotry isn't accepting Jesus. I just know you bigotrians will love it!

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Date Published: 10th August 2020
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