Pancakes anyone?

Lately I've realised I'm pansexual. I'm glad to of realised what sexual identity I fit in. I never thought of it before really but I am glad to be able to identify myself as something. I never felt I could identify as bisexual or as heterosexual. What pansexual means, it just fits with my mind that if I'm comfortable with you, I don't give a damn what gender you are/identify as.

Over the years my thoughts on just everything about LGBTQIA+ has changed, especially in the last year, heck even the past few months I've learnt a great deal of new things I just had no idea about.

A few years ago, a couple friends asked me what my thoughts are on them being a same sex couple as a Christian.

What I said was basically that I support them and all as friends, I see them no less because of who they love, as when it comes to love, there's nothing wrong, that's what life is about, loving others.

But sex and marriage were the two things I was uncomfortable really about because I always had felt sex and marriage was a sacred thing between a male and female because of Adam and Eve, because of the biology of life, circle of life, what a male and female are for.

Loving people regardless of what gender someone is never is wrong.

But biology isn't just male and female. Biology doesn't come without it's peculiarities. Me as an Autistic person, a neurodivergent, also am a set example of such. My brain isn't wired like how a neurotypical person's may be because that's the neurology of being neurodiverse. I'm no lesser of a human from being neurodiverse. Fun fact, I also am missing a chromosome, chromosome 12 if I'm remembering right.

There are people born with masculine brains in female bodies, feminine brains in male bodies, or brains wired in ways that just cannot fit into either of those binary genders. There are people born with masculine and feminine body features. These are no lesser human beings than anybody, and the two binary genders just aren't enough to represent this reality.

Claiming that someone with male parts is a male or female parts is a female no matter what their head says, it's just a denial of that biology doesn't come without it's peculiarities. Trying to "fix" these peculiarities, "cure" these peculiarities to again stay in denial that there's more than two binary genders is just beyond wrong.

I just never knew what to make of someone being transgender. I could understand why someone would be non binary, that they maybe at the very least feel they don't want to be defined by gender, they want to be free to express themself regardless whether those expressions are seen as masculine or feminine. I could totally get that.

But it's just literally a fact that people are born with neurologically unique brains. And the fact that people can be born with body characteristics from both binary genders.. I completely get why someone would switch between genders. I completely get that it's not all just about genders either. Gender is a spectrum, something you identify as. It's not something hard coded that you have no right to claim to be different than what others deem acceptable.

Whether you identify as non binary, gender nonconforming, gender fluid, gender neutral, male or female, it is not down to what is in your pants.

Biology of life literally still is for the circle of life, male and female, reproducing continuing the generations, which I don't think anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community even denies.

Although that is absolutely the case, biology just doesn't come without it's peculiarities. Some would choose to call it abnormalities, but just like using the R word to describe people with disabilities, it is damaging. We may be not the norm, we may be different, but we are not broken or defective. Peculiarities need to be embraced, treated just as equal, no less than the norm.

I just cannot care what someone's gender/gender identity is. If I'm attracted to someone, I'm attracted to them. If I'm comfortable with them then gender is meaningless. What's in their pants is meaningless.

As a Christian, I'm not for Christianity the religion. I'm for the personal relationship of Christ. A book written by man that's gone through tonnes of translations through the centuries, I'm not going to live life so damn focused on trying to abide by that. Sex and marriage just cannot be tied to what a book written 1000s of years ago instructs when what is an intersexual person going to do? Who do they go to? A male or a female? What are they if male and female are supposedly the only thing?

We are not in the centuries gone by where someone not of the norm was seen as evil, as anti Christ, as witches etc. Whether someone wishes to believe that the peculiarities of biology is a work of Satan not God, it's out of anyone's control. It's a matter of science. There isn't just the left and the right, there isn't just the good and bad. There isn't just male or female. And it's a full stop there.

You don't suppress and kill to continue denying what is reality. You accept. You accept me, you accept yourself, you accept everyone for who they are and what they choose to be.

It's been a while coming for me to completely get on board with LGBTQIA+, but whether you're heterosexual, gay/lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, aromatic, cisgender, transgender, non binary, gender nonconforming, gender neutral, intersex, or any other sexual/romantic/gender identity. I support you to be who you are, and who you choose to love just as I appreciate having in return.

Claiming marriage or sex as strictly for between a male and female denies LGBTQIA+ and it denies science.

I'm absolutely thankful over the years I've been exposed to more and more of what LGBTQIA+ is. Having friends that are gay/lesbian, bisexual and pansexual. Having friends that are non binary and trans. Seeing more and more of people that embrace all of that, to the points where you don't even realise, it's really made me so much more open minded about what it all really is.

Yes the more that our youth are taught that this is all ok, you will get those being "confused". It's just bloody like love, relations, our emotions, our hormones. We all get confused and need to find ourselves. That's for us ourselves, our job, as adults, as teenagers, as kids. It's not for adults to instruct us while young to be who we are "supposed" to be just because it says so on our birth certificate.

In the bible, the passages where the arguement always is used that God hates homosexuality, that man shouldn't sleep with man. Do yourself a favour and dig deep through the translations. You'll probably find it's widely disputed what the correct translations are exactly. It's widely interpreted as speaking against pederasty and prostitution, not consensual males sleeping together.

Man and boy are so different yet all to easy to get mixed up through translation after translation. There's no simple answer on how to interpret many things in the bible, so stop using the bible as an instruction manual that has no flaws because it absolutely is very flawed because it wasn't written by God, with every translation only adding insult to injury.

Embrace love and acceptance, whether you understand and agree or not. Don't suppress. Be open minded.

I'm proud to be pansexual and autistic, not part of the norm. I'll fly my pride for me and all. Will you fly yours too?

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Date Published: 31st July 2020
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