My Body, Leave It Alone

Edit: 2020: I just want to throw in a CONTENT WARNING with this post, and say I take back the things 2013 me said here below this update. I'm not deleting this because the fact is we all change our views through life, hopefully for the better, but I have put a strike through the offensive text. I used to have a more conservative view because I didn't understand and was closed minded to that. There's still truth here, but I came across as an ass refering to adultery, refering to being a slut and not showing yourself. My intentions were good, and I hope people who see my old posts look at newer stuff and see that my views have changed and see that my intentions were good here, just not well put to say the least. I felt mortified with this coming up in my on this day memory, and I'm stunned no one said anything about this through the seven years it's been up.

Don't be forced to show your body, don't clock up a body count just because you want to feel sexy. Show your body because you want to show your body, and if you want to, don't be afraid to. Obviously if you're sending people directly these things who don't want to see, don't because there "because they may throw up" is valid. If it's unasked for, don't without asking! But if you're posting it on social media generally, that is your decision, and it's not your trouble if someone can't stand it.

If you want to be sexy, be sexy. But make sure it's for the right reasons, that it's for you, not for the desire of sexual attention to feel worth something. There is more in this world than sexuality. But sexuality is a part of life. I believe in Christ and God and am in line with much of Christianity at least regarding believing. But unlike then, I am not letting my beliefs tell someone what to do.

It's ironic that I wrote this with the intention of telling someone that their body is theirs, not for someone else to say what to do with it, yet I told people not to share their sexiness with the world. Don't do it for the wrong reasons, but if you want to, don't be made to feel bad by having the heart of a cat that does what it wants to do regardless of what others think. Be yourself! Being yourself is not being a slut. It's being you! And to people using such offensive slurs, quit! Respect people how you want yo be respected.

And where I said about a baby, please see my post on Abortion from last year (2019), what I had to say, as I am not blunt in the way I see things now as I was back in 2013.

Also I would like to add, where I said about what in is don't do rape, "don't take your lover's virginity without their permission", let me emphasis on that, which may come across as me downplaying. DO NOT RAPE. Acknowledge age of consent laws, and acknowledge when a person is unable to consent. What is consent? When someone gives permission. Said permission can only happen when the person has the capacity to think for themselves, understand and make an informed decision, that is their own decision not from a result of pressure etc.

And when you don't acknowledge consent laws, remember the younger person is unable to legally consent. Also you need to follow the consent laws of the country you are a citizen of, so don't go across borders to countries with lower consent ages thinking that gets around said law, even if the other person is from said country. Read about international law, as it is there to stop loopholes that would legally allow harmful offences.

Do not sexually abuse, at all! And on that note, the original post is below, but again, please be prepared for said offensive text!

You don’t own my body so don’t make out you do.
You don’t own anyone’s body except your own so don’t make out you do.
You don’t own your lovers body so don’t make out you do.

Don’t force someone to do something with their body,
They ain’t a toy!
Don’t treat your lover like a prisoner,
Don’t retaliate to those who compliment your lover,
Don’t break your lovers virginity without their permission (with in the law), (see above)
Don’t ask for others to entertain you just for your desire,
Don’t show what people don’t want to see,
Don’t ask for what people don’t wanna give.
Don’t use people,
Don’t abuse people,
Don’t cheat on people,
Don’t betray people,
Don’t judge people,
Don’t play with people without their permission.
Don’t be a creep,
Don’t be a fool,
Don’t be a pervert,
Don’t be a stalker,
Don’t be a pedophile,
Don’t be a predator,
Don’t be a slut who has their legs wide open to every guy in town. (see above)
Don’t commit adultery, it is a sin. (see above)
Don’t rape, it is abuse. Don’t be a predator, it is creepy. Don’t be a stalker, it is perverted.
Don’t be a slut, it is foolish. Don’t create a baby you don’t want, it is murder. (see above)
Don’t ask for nudes, because it looks like that’s all you care about.
Don’t show what should be kept hidden, because others may physically throw up.

Just don’t be a stupid fool in life and don’t treat others like you own them. They have a life to live, they can make their choices up, they don’t need you to make them for them, and don’t make others think they are worthless because they may just too easily believe it.

Don’t be a badass in life, it will take you down below. You will regret, you’ll realise you’ve blown your life down the drain. Maybe it’s not too late to learn how to love and forget how to hate, so start now before it is too late.

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Date Published: 11th March 2013
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