Life Hurts But I Won't Curse God

Life does bring so much pain
Life does make me feel so awful
Life just is so confusing and doesn’t make sense at times. I just forever get lost on this straight never ending road.
Things always seem to not go the way I planned. There is just so many things which I cannot count that make life hell. So many things I could blame God for.No matter what happens though, I will not curse God.

I know God and Jesus are there for me. I know things get better, even in my darkest of times there’s always that part in me that’s saying everything will be alright. That part of me is God and Jesus.

I have my addictions which make dealing with life so much tougher and, when I’m upset, I have dark thoughts I dare not listen to. I often go to sleep crying at night and I question what happens next. But I’m not giving up.

God, I know how good he is. I have amazingly supportive friends who I have no fears in telling my problems to. They’ve even encouraged me to the point that I’ve opened up to one of my teachers about my troubles which took so much courage (so now I’m going to be having counselling).
Life is just a never ending battle and it does hurt so much but there is so much to be cheerful about.
Life is beautiful. Life is full of opportunities and chances to achieve your life long dreams.

When I am upset, I need to get out and about exploring the outside world. That’s one way to keep me sane, and it’s a beautiful way to distract myself. I just love watching wildlife and nature as it lives it’s daily routine. Seeing how nature and wildlife all just get on with it’s life no matter the situation, it takes the frown off my face and makes me feel so much more happy.
I like to bury myself into my two big hobbies, photography and drawing. Those both really help me as well, makes me feel better about myself.

We all get upset, we all have pain, we all cry and fake smiles and we all feel trapped inside our inna demons from time to time. Life is confusing for us all and it brings so much hurt into our lives. But don’t let that deceive you to the point that you curse God. He loves you. What makes you think he’s causing all this pain?
We just need to carry on and thank God for every breath.
No matter how tough life is, never curse God.

I Bet You Don’t Curse God – Christina Grimmie

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Other international helplines can be found at befrienders.org.

Date Published: 22nd January 2014
Posted in: Addiction, Christianity, Depression, Self-Esteem,

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