Jesus Is Our Best Friend

The Illuminati, it is everywhere in this society but is it real? As much as I am wary of it, to be honest, I think it is just a complete pathetic sad joke. But then is the concern real? Most certainly, why am I wary about it?

The devil is trying to control everything, and if we let him he controls us. But if we don’t let him, he can never distance us away from Jesus.

There is darkness all around and Satan’s lies, they cover this land trying to bring death upon us all. But we need to fight back. The devil can control, but he will never rule! He is not the king of kings, do not be deceived!

Jesus, he is our best friend. All he asks is for us to know him and to accept him. Once we have accepted him, he will rid Satan from our souls. Stop worrying about the evil that haunts this world. You will be saved, but the choice is yours. Will you allow evil to control your mind and your life, or will you accept Jesus as your brother, your friend, your king?

Need to talk to someone?
In the UK, Samaritans can be contacted on
"116 123"
In Australia, Lifeline can be contacted on
"13 11 14"
In the US, the suicide prevention lifeline is
Other international helplines can be found at befrienders.org.

Date Published: 11th February 2016
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