Hi, I'm Demiromantic

I've never understood a crush.
I've never understood being romantically attracted to someone without being deeply emotionally attached.
I've never understood romantic affection.
I've just never been for that.

But I am affectionate.
I adore cuddles, hugs.
I adore to simply adore friends.

I've just said so much I have crushes on close friends.
Not at all because I long to kiss them,
Or want to be, well.. all romantic.
But because I absolutely deeply adore them.

I adore close friends,
Their personalities, their cuteness, their kindness
Them putting up with my constant long thoughtful messages that take so much time to write.

I of course know what a crush is and that why a person may get taken back when I'd use the word "crush" as to say how much I absolutely admire them.

But at the same time, just as there's different attractions.
There's different ways you can mean when you say you have a crush on a person.

Sexual • emotional • platonic • romantic

I would say my use of crush, I mean a mixture of emotionally and platonically.

I am a very emotional person.
I'd never turn down a hug. We all need hugs.
I do get very deeply attached to close friends.
Why else would I deem them close anyway?
Because I just absolutely admire, adore and appreciate them so fondly.

I've never been a kiss on the lips person. Not even when I am actually romantically attracted to someone.
And how do I get romantically attracted?
When I am deeply emotionally attached to a person.
For me, romantic just cannot exist without emotional... Deeply emotional.

So hello everyone, I have realised what my romantic orientation is.

Demiromantic: "A deep emotional connection is required to gain romantic attraction."

So that completes the trio of A's. I've collected them all like Pokémon. I'm Aro, Ace and Agender.

More specifically this is meaning,

I'm aegosexual, a grey-asexual micro label, which I identify with as aego-pansexual.
I'm demiromantic, which is on the aromantic spectrum.
And I am agender, which is an identity on the non-binary spectrum.
I am so damn happy to come to this realisation. That I'm just not confused about how to describe myself now.

Labels aren't for everyone. But for everyone whom longs for labels to use to easily describe how they are, to understand themselves better, making such discoveries, it means so much.

So again, hello there. I'm an aego-pansexual, demiromantic, agender, neurodiverse wolf.

Quite a mouthful to the tongue wouldn't you say?
Happy loving and adoring everybody. We all need that.
But don't forget to love and adore yourself first and foremost!
You're the most important of all. So embrace yourself. Be you!

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Date Published: 15th January 2021
Posted in: LGBTQIA+, Love, Relationships,

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