Oh Lord what do you want with an unholy demon like me?
I’m too broken to be the holy angel I’m meant to be
I try to be strong but I always fall in these sinful lies
I ask for forgiveness but why should you believe me with all my failed tries?

We all are sinners my dear
But our cries for forgiveness he will hear

I once believed the same as you
I thought I was too unrighteous to make it through
I was scared what God thought of me
I never dreamt that he would set me free
I do not know why I try
The more I heal the more I die
Reality is nothing but fake
Why do innocent souls endlessly live on a stake?Do not believe the lies
For he forgives our broken cries
Death is a deception
A lie of our mind
It’s just an illusion
It makes us blind

Look in the scriptures, what you are told
God we shall serve, not the world
He is love, forgiveness and hope
Serve the Holy Ghost
He’ll help you cope.

How should I approach him?
I’m full in my sin
He’ll just send me to the flames,
Like I’m fit for the bin

We all are sinners my dear
But our cries for forgiveness he will hear

Grab hold of your sacred scriptures
Say a prayer and you’ll see The Lord send some holy picture
s No matter how sinful you are
No matter how weak and lost you are
Ask for forgiveness
Ask for forgiveness
Just ask for forgiveness today


© 2014 Jase Wolf

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Date Published: 26th July 2014
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