Fixing A Problem Without A Solution Will Not Work

Back in 2013, I wrote my views on a topic that people are typically either for or against. They're for it because they acknowledge that there needs to be some solution to the problem. But those who are against, just fail to see the bigger issue that is the case in the real world.

Abortion. It is a sensitive topic because of what it literally is. Preventing a life that could of been, and would of been if a pregnancy happens successfully.

I am non-binary, though biologically, I am not the one who would have to deal with nine horrible life risking months as a consequence of my actions that takes a huge toll on your body.

In an ideal world, I'd love to be able to simply agree with my 2013 self that abortion is murder and shouldn't be allowed except in cases where health problems pose a serious life threatening risk in a pregnancy, and when a person was taken against their wishes.

But in the real world, you cannot sort a problem without a solution. In the real world there is always going to be those, who can impregnate others, that just do not give any care whatever the consequences to the other person their actions will have, because they're not the ones going through all the pain they caused.

Why can't they all just use protection that is widely available, cheaper than chips, extremely effective and brings no less pleasure or any pain instead of getting others to take the pill which comes with excruciatingly painful side effects that definitely aren't over within a day?

Want a baby as a couple? Have the raw experience. Don't want a baby? Use protection you yourself as the person who can impregnate others, and don't force a those that can be impregnated to deal with unnecessary pain just so you can have a fraction of a more pleasurable experience.

There is also the choice of not getting down to business until you want a kid. Or you could pay a few hundred (unless your health service covers it) for a vasectomy to not be able to get anyone pregnant, recover with the pain from that for a day to a week, and rest assured you can have the process reversed when you actually want a kid. Though the longer you leave reversing a vasectomy, the lower your chances will be of it being successful, and your health service likely won't cover the cost.

Abortion, I still count it as what it is, preventing a life that could/would of been, and therefore as murder. But when can we honestly put the burden on a person? It's either lack of being educated about the impact and risk of such actions, being pressured/forced by the disrespect of others, or a result of not knowing what you were doing because you had one too many drinks.

Consequences of the actions you choose to take shouldn't be taken lightly and in an ideal world we should be always responsible. But in this case, consequences of your actions hugely risks lives of who are living and breathing. You may be against abortion because you are "pro life". But what is pro life if someone dies because they were made to let a life be made which also is lost as a result of that?

Why even should a life be getting brought into this world as a consequence leading to the high chances of trauma so much go through? Even when no one did any wrongs besides letting their guard down, why should a life changing and threatening consequence be forced upon?

Not all people are the same, and this doesn't at all mean that those that can be impregnated are free from blame either, but unwanted pregnancies are created by those who can impregnate others. What person is going to play with their life and their body to choose abortions for the sake of it? That's just being abusive to yourself.

Abortion is not at all a nice solution. But if you deem abortion as the the only issue here, how can you honestly think you can solve it without having a solution to what is the bigger issue?

We do not need to not allow abortions to stop abortions. We need to stop unwanted pregnancies from ever happening to stop abortions from happening. That is down to what a person does with their dingle dangle and the education we give people on the impacts. But this is the real world, and it's going to continue being an ongoing issue. Stopping abortion isn't going to fix anything.

On the other hand though, the whole issue of abortion isn't just because the person chose to, which is NEVER taken lightly. They may not want an abortion, but are being pressured to, either be it by family/friends or the partner. It is a choice only they, themself, can decide. Do not force them to get an abortion because you don't want a child, because you think of it as an easy solution to having unprotected sex. If they want to follow through, that is their choice.

Of course, if you are concerned for their well being, maybe because of a known health issue that may well jeopardise the pregnancy, don't keep quiet. They may not want an abortion and let that life be created. But that is the heart speaking that drowns out what the brain may know of what the reality could be. It is an extremely difficult point this more so I would think than any other.

I do not exactly know legally speaking what would be the case here when that individual is still a minor or is an adult but has someone legally making decisions for them. With serious disabilities where someone cannot decide for themself, then it is clear, but then also, they cannot consent in that case. But for someone that can decide for themself, shouldn't the individual be the one who makes that choice? It's difficult and it depends, as someone may be able to decide for themselves whether legally speaking or not, but not understand the importance of whichever choice they decide, only what they want by heart.

Abortion, you may deem it as a problem, but it is a solution, a choice. It shouldn't be forced away from anyone and it most definitely shouldn't be forced onto anyone. People shouldn't even need to feel shame ever about it. It shouldn't even need to be a hard decision that someone values their life more over blocking a consequence that a conservative wants to so desperately force upon them.

This is a reality filled with so many problems that sadly do require solutions that go against what you may deem to be values you follow, whether it's religious or not. Please have an open mind. Life is a gift, and in an ideal world it shouldn't be a choice. Every life that has the potential of been created should be given that chance. But in a reality such as this, this creates more harm than good.

“Thou shalt not kill”, you may live by this but what good does that do if you're forcing pain and suffering? Why would you let it happen if it can be stopped? Do you hold the person accountable to that who saved your life, who saved their own life and their family, or their whole country?

Do not be the cause of the problems you hate. How is that ever going to help make things better? Be compassionate and open minded. 'love thy neighbour’ and never force your agenda onto others.

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Date Published: 14th May 2019
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