Everyday Heroes - Lee, My Lyrical Hero

My everyday hero is Lee. He’s my hero in how I write.

I met Lee in my local Christian Science book shop. I was reading to him some of my poems. He immediately gave me exactly the advice I needed to put me where I am today, writing epic songs.

• Don’t write a long continuous story.
• Write like a puzzle, or rather, a riddle.
• Don’t be repetitive but at the same time be repetitive.
• Be creative and play with rhymes.
• Look at the way the lyrics of the music you love are written, let that inspire you.

This advice, I immediately took on, writing songs, firstly strongly inspired by other songs and their structure, then songs written seriously and fully original. Over the past two years I have written 40+ songs along with many short poetic quotes.

I love it so much the times when I meet Lee and show him what I have been writing. He is a blessing from the Lord. He did what we all would do when we are passionate about something, but even then, the way his words just improved the way I write making me a serious song writer. Thank you so much Lee and God Bless you.

Lee is my lyrical hero.

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Date Published: 27th January 2016
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