Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Do you believe in ghosts?
Have you ever seen a ghost?
I prefer to call ghosts spirits. And have I seen a spirit? Yes, whilst I was looking up at the stars.

It was last February when I thought one of my close friends killed herself.

I swear that was my uncle Jeff (died as a baby) that was looking down on me, as when I was looking up at the stars, this one particular star just hypnotised me, and it appeared in the exact same spot three nights in a row, I was just hypnotised by it and in through the star I could see a pair of green eyes staring right back at me, I can still picture it now clear as anything, and I thought it was my friend who also has beautiful green eyes, but now I know that was my uncle watching over me helping me make it through as I was a right wreck, in a right awful state, and I dunno what I’d of done without Opal to talk to and without Jeff to keep me company.

Then the dream I had all three nights was exactly the same dream, that my friend came down from the star and told me that she was ok, she was happy, and she actually spent the night. Not in that way though, because I was a right wreck needed comfort so she spent the night to comfort me whilst she could because she’d not get to come down close ever again like that.

Then when I asked why she committed suicide, I woke up just before she told me it. It just really helped so much, especially that I actually felt it like she was actually there, and when I explained that dream to Opal, she said “I’m sure she asked God to give you that dream”. It was just so special that, and when I found out she hadn’t committed suicide and I explained all that to her, she was just wordless, and really I was to. (I’m sure I showed her It anyway, and if I hadn’t I sure have now).

It just goes to show that there is just a gigantic thing waiting for all of us, something bigger than life on earth, I call it eternal life, full of love and care, but then it’s only for those that believe in it, that seek forgiveness, and all this just proves that science actually can a lot if the time lie, and the things it’s found, for all we know, God may just of placed stuff on this earth to make us think there was something on earth before.

The gifted are who see spirits and my belief is that if you’ve seen a spirit, encountered anything like that that is spiritual (on Gods/Jesus’ side) then that means you are saved, but then you have to believe in them.

It just really fascinates me about ghosts because I believe they are real, I know they are real, and they aren’t here to haunt us, they are just spirits that are showing they are alive, there is an after life, but you have to believe it to get there. If you think that all there is to it is death, then you will meet death, but if you believe in a spiritual world, believe in eternal life, which is bigger than life itself, then you will have an afterlife, you will live for eternity.

If you have had a spiritual encounter, I’d love to hear it as like I said I find it really fascinating.

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Date Published: 22nd April 2013
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