Didn't We Think?

I do not usually post politics on my blog or communities, but I want to address something that disgusts me the most about all the current events that I think is crucial to write about.

The media and all of the laughing going around about something that is serious and not a laughing matter. It’s easy laughing at everything, how much of a big mess the whole election has been, but look at who this is all badly affecting. Primarily younger generations who are scared shitless and sadly are resorting to doing things to themselves (to put it lightly).

I blame the candidates running and the one now about to take office, for the lying and constant bickering between them at a level and style I’ve never seen in politics before. I blame the disgusting things and disrespect both have said years ago and during the campaign.

But they aren’t all to blame. The establishment and media, do they have any regard to those who are easily triggered, by making everything look like hell is breaking loose, and what on earth are they doing now? All wiping their slates clean and saying everythings alright and under control.

Yea, protests throughout your country with unfortunate consequences, kids crying scared to their parents from the news of who’s been elected, and the number that took their lives already from this alone. That is everything under control, and that is surely something for media to not acknowledge and joke about.

If people are joking about everyone wanting to flee to Canada, if people are joking about that these protests aren’t going to do anything and it’s called democracy. If anyone is joking about any of these events which is so happening, you’re joking about your kids being scared, you’re joking about those taking their anxiety from this out on themselves in bad or devastating ways.

Democracy or not, this wasn’t the popular vote, and the establisment and media thumped themselves and America in the face drowning out the mature options we had, one who became not an option.

Like Bernie Sanders replied to being asked does he think he would of won, “WHAT GOOD IS IT NOW?”.

This shouldn’t be something we laugh at. It’s good to laugh yes and we often laugh when nervous to prevent mental breakdowns, but a huge devision, a major increase in people panicing legitly scared for their lives, that is no laughing matter.

At the end, this is the establishment and media at play here that have done the damage, letting such messed up individuals anywhere near power with disgusting cases whether which is fact or fiction is besides the point, it’s appalling.

We are all victim, no matter which way we vote. The media and establisment just really didn’t think about their country this time around did they?

We all need to sure not be afraid to have a laugh, but use our brain, see when something is serious and change something. Our children need it, our world needs it. Stop ignoring the real problem and creating new problems.

Also, today is Remembrace Day, is any of this the sort of thing people have served and serve us for? Last thing I remember, they fight for our freedom and protection to make us feel safe. So happy Rememberance everyone, I am sure our veterans are very proud of the shit going on all ends of the pond.

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Date Published: 11th November 2016
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