Attention Seeking Or Not, Don't Call People That

Don’t call anyone an attention seeker, whether they genuinely are or not. Is it your place to say?
No matter how much someone seems like an attention seeker, what right do you have to call them that?
Do you know their life?
Do you know what THEY are going through?

Sure, to you they may seem like the biggest attention seeker ever created, but even if you know and understand them inside out, there may be one thing that you just do not know about them.

If you come across someone such as someone who self harms, no matter how attention seeking they may seem to you, say something nice such as “stay strong, you are beautiful and you don’t deserve this what ever you’re going through, harming yourself won’t help you.”.

Don’t go calling them ridiculous, don’t go calling them attention seeking, because even if you don’t mean to be horrible, is calling them ridiculous and attention seeking going to help them?
No of course not, it’s only going to make them worse.

Back around the start of June, I was venting on my Facebook, and a few people were calling me attention seeking simply for expressing my feelings.
Now I’ve always used my Facebook account to express my feelings, and where as those who say I was attention seeking were saying that it won’t help me what I’m doing, you know what? It was helping me, because I need to vent out my feelings some how, and also it meant that my BFFs saw so it was easier when it came to talking to them about it.

Dear all those who call people attention seekers, THINK FIRST BEFORE YOU SPEAK!
If you want to help someone, I respect that, but help them like you mean it, show that it’s coming from your heart NOT your head! Be nice about it, don’t be snappy at them, don’t call them ridiculous, don’t call them attention seeking.
If they don’t accept your help, move on, don’t be nasty to them even if they are nasty to you.Back in around December, one person I tagged on Instagram on my Suicide Is A Lie post, their account all over was “I self harm and no one loves me, help me!”, but guess what happened when I tagged her? She attacked at me, saying that she doesn’t care about my “stupid pathetic lies”, completely criticised what I am doing, and then said that she’s fine, she’s happy, she doesn’t need or want any help. She was really nasty about it too, And even though she was trying to then make me pity her, did I call her an attention seeker?
No, I just told her “If you don’t want help, don’t ask for it, and don’t get aggressive at those offering help”, and blocked her.

You can refrain from calling people attention seekers, you can refrain from calling people ridiculous. If they are an attention seeker or not, it’s not your place to call them one, and it isn’t needed because if you offer them help and they don’t accept it or you say something kind to try uplift them but they don’t listen, just move on, nothing more is needed.

Need to talk to someone?

In the UK, Samaritans can be contacted on
"116 123"
In Australia, Lifeline can be contacted on
"13 11 14"
In New Zealand, Lifeline can be contacted on
"0508 828 865"
In the US, the suicide prevention lifeline is
In Canada, the suicide prevention lifeline is
Other international helplines can be found at befrienders.org.

Date Published: 16th July 2013
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