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Carry On This Thanksgiving

This is my story for thanksgiving. The meaning behind “Bus Friends”, everything I didn’t quite tell other than to my closest friends. If you are struggling with friendships or relationships, give this story a read. I hope it inspires you as out of everything I have written on my blog, this has just got to be one of the hardest things to write. That’s partly why I am putting it out here, because I do not want to write about it any more.

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Hearts that are broken and love that’s not true, these go with learning the game

“Learning the Game” by Buddy Holly is such a great song with such a true message.
We will have our hearts broken more than once, we will have our hearts played with more than once. We likely will be cheated on more than once by another lover.
Yea, cheating and heart playing is not a very very forgiving thing, but at the end of the day, it’s their loss.
We will so many time have our hearts broken, and it will get harder every time. But don’t go guilt the person who dumped you or your friend or whatever. It’s their choice at the end of the day, so what right do you have to guilt someone for what is their choice?

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Someone’s reason to smile

You are someone’s reason to smile!!
Even if you don’t know it, even if you’ve never met that someone before, you are that persons reason to smile and he/she does not understand why they smile so hugely.
Every life has a true love and no matter how hard it is and how long it’ll take to find that person, it’s when you’ve found that person that matters, all the moments you cherish with them for the rest of your days and for eternity. You are beautiful.