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One Chance

“These days are very rough
Life all I know, it’s nothing but tough
Forget about me, I’ve had enough
Tomorrow all you will see is my bloody scruff”
You only have one chance in this life
One chance to do what’s right
So please just put down that red stained knife
I know this world is all too blue
But hold on dear, with God
This darkness you’ll make it through

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Love like you’ve never been broken, laugh like you’ve never cried

Sometimes in life, bad things happen and sometimes in life, those bad things cost us lives. Sometimes it is our fault, other times it is not, but no matter what, we always seem to blame ourselves. We blame ourselves for even trying and are mad at our mistakes.

We blame ourselves for breaking hearts, and we blame others for breaking ours. It hurts, it hurts bad, and it gets harder every single time.

We all are human, and we make mistakes to learn from, so why do we let our mistakes tear us down to the ground?

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