Didn't We Think?

Date Published: 11th November 2016

I do not usually post politics on my blog or communities, but I want to address something that disgusts me the most about all the current events that I think is crucial to write about.

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Is Abortion Murder?

Date Published: 27th February 2013

I’ve decided I’d do this post about abortions as I read an argument about whether its murder or not.
First of all, I do believe its murder, as although the Fetus isn’t even alive then, it is preventing someone from having a chance to live this life, so I class it as murder.
BUT I think it is completely wrong to say that it is wrong in every case, as what about rape and dangerously underage?
Being against abortion because it's preventing a life, that's well and good. But make sure you aren't part of the problem objectifying and not thinking of the consequences to your actions.

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