Trivialising Mental Health Issues Is Never Ok

Date Published: 13th May 2019

With this week being UK Mental Health Awareness Week, please be a part in spreading the message that trivialising the ever so big of an issue that is mental health issues and suicide, is not ever ok!

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Black Ribbon Day - Self Harm Awareness

Date Published: 1st December 2015

It is a day late but here is my video for Black Ribbon Day / Self Harm Awareness 2015.

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Stop Hurting Over Yesterday

Date Published: 24th November 2015

All of the time it is either me that is feeling like shit or someone close to me that is feeling like shit. We all have our bad days but it’s just crazy how life tricks you when you think everything is ok.

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Forgotten Child

Date Published: 28th February 2014

Just put it away
Listen to what I say
Darling you’ll be ok
I know how you feel
Hope seems unreal
Feeling so alone
You’re forgotten in your own home
This life you cannot bare
And no one seems to care
You’re lost and so alone
No one even knows
Your left all on your own
Forgotten child

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Put The Blade Away

Date Published: 30th November 2013

Blade, put it away
You ain’t got time to play with it today
Knife, put it away
Is life really that bad to stab yourself today?
Pills, throw them away
Is it worth the risk not living another day?

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Help Others In Need, Even If It Means Standing Out From The Crowd

Date Published: 11th November 2013

It truly shocks me how people either don’t care about others struggling, or they simply are too scared to stand out from the crowd, and some will just laugh instead to make you struggle with life even more.

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If You Find And Have Faith In The Righteousness Of God, You Overcome Death

Date Published: 25th September 2013

Being dead is when you don’t see life as it is.
Being alive is when you truly see what life is about, and by that you overcome death.
Death isn’t what we all see it as. Passing away isn’t death itself, it’s simply moving onto the next stage of this awfully big adventure.

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Don't Jump

Date Published: 12th July 2013

You are in darkness now
The storm is yet past it’s worst
All you see is tear drops falling from the sky
You are losing hope
Falling deeper right where Satan wants you

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✞No Christian Can Cause A Suicide✞

Date Published: 8th March 2013

A true follower of Christ cannot cause a suicide. God did not create death but we sinned so that’s what the outcome is from our stupidity. Death. But those that are a true follower of Christ, you won’t face death because you’ll spend eternal life in a spiritual place full of love and peace.

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Don't Be Fooled By Satan

Date Published: 11th February 2013

I want to share something in this post that you may find relates to you a lot, and I want you to know that what the message is saying is the works of Satan.

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