Jesus Is Our Best Friend

Date Published: 11th February 2016

The Illuminati, it is everywhere in this society but is it real? As much as I am wary of it, to be honest, I think it is just a complete pathetic sad joke. But then is the concern real? Most certainly, why am I wary about it?

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You are God's Temple

Date Published: 3rd April 2013

You are not your own. You belong to God so stop hurting God by hurting yourself because each time you hurt yourself, you hurt God. It’s all Satan’s doing.

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This May Be Hell, But I'm Not Satan

Date Published: 22nd March 2013

This may be hell, but I’m not Satan
This may be wonderland, but I’m not Alice

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✞No Christian Can Cause A Suicide✞

Date Published: 8th March 2013

A true follower of Christ cannot cause a suicide. God did not create death but we sinned so that’s what the outcome is from our stupidity. Death. But those that are a true follower of Christ, you won’t face death because you’ll spend eternal life in a spiritual place full of love and peace.

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Who Is Satan Through My Eyes?

Date Published: 14th February 2013

Who is Satan through my eyes? What is so bad about him through my eyes? What’s my understanding of him? Here is a description of, through my eyes, who Satan is and why he is so bad, why he is so hated.

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Don't Be Fooled By Satan

Date Published: 11th February 2013

I want to share something in this post that you may find relates to you a lot, and I want you to know that what the message is saying is the works of Satan.

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This Little Girl

Date Published: 17th January 2013

This little girl got heartbroken today
On the highway to her dream
She stopped moving forward
Took a look back
Yes took a look back

This little girl gave up today
Oh so near to her dream coming true
She didn't know what to do
She didn't know where to go
No she didn't know where to go

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Suicide Is A Lie

Date Published: 21st November 2012

Do you think suicide is an easy way out to end your pain? Well it isn’t! It is a Sin and will only eliminate your chances of EVER ending your pain.I know most of you want to keep the fact you want to die as a secret as I have been through the same kind of stage during 2012 and before and I didn’t want to tell anyone, but ever since I met my BFFs, they’ve turned my life around, and at the same time have entirely turned around the way I look at life too.

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