Spread The Love

Date Published: 3rd April 2017

Go out they said, make “real world friends” they said, It’s easy like clicking your fingers they said…
Spoiler alert: I cannot click my fingers.

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Carry On This Thanksgiving

Date Published: 27th November 2015

This is my story for thanksgiving. The meaning behind “Bus Friends”, everything I didn’t quite tell other than to my closest friends. If you are struggling with friendships or relationships, give this story a read. I hope it inspires you as out of everything I have written on my blog, this has just got to be one of the hardest things to write. That’s partly why I am putting it out here, because I do not want to write about it any more.

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Stop Hurting Over Yesterday

Date Published: 24th November 2015

All of the time it is either me that is feeling like shit or someone close to me that is feeling like shit. We all have our bad days but it’s just crazy how life tricks you when you think everything is ok.

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Letter To The Bullies

Date Published: 21st November 2013

Dear Bully

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We All Have Scars, A History We Cannot Bear, But We Need To Put That Behind Us

Date Published: 6th November 2013

We all have scars, a history we cannot bear, but we need to put that behind us.
And we all get judged by something that cannot be changed, but we need to just ignore those judges.We constantly feel we aren’t good enough, and we lose courage, and hope and faith in simply what the truth is.
Others forever tear us down, even those that did it unintentionally and unknowingly, and it just hurts so so bad.

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It's Alright To Cry To Sleep, But Wake Up Smiling

Date Published: 11th September 2013

I do not care what ever anyone tells you about that it is cowardly to cry, because that simply is not true whatsoever.

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Genre Don't Matter, But The Message Contained Inside Does

Date Published: 7th September 2013

The Lord and his father our God are blinded when it comes to genres of something.
Whether it is a song, a movie, a book or whatever it may be, God and Jesus couldn’t care less about what the genre is, for they only care about the message contained inside.

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No Matter Who You Are

Date Published: 14th August 2013

No matter who you are
No matter what you do
People always want something else from you
You could be Steve Jobs, or you could be that poor boy down the road begging for mercy and people will always want something more from you, something else from you.

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Do What Makes You Happy

Date Published: 24th May 2013

Life is about happiness, it’s about love, it’s about care.
It isn’t about wealth,
It isn’t about what others say,
It isn’t about what others want.
It is about what you want, what you need, and what makes you happy.

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What's So Important About Being Skinny?

Date Published: 24th April 2013

Being skinny is not important what so ever because as long as you are healthy, that is all that matters.
If you’re trying to gain attraction from people, don’t because you’re only gonna attract ones that only are interested in your body what you own, not care about you.
The only people it is worth attracting is those you don’t even need to attract because those who care for you will see you as beautiful what ever your size and they won’t be attracted because your body, they’ll be attracted because of who you are, and surely you’d much prefer that?

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