Everyday Heroes - Lee, My Lyrical Hero

Date Published: 27th January 2016

My everyday hero is Lee. He’s my hero in how I write.

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Genre Don't Matter, But The Message Contained Inside Does

Date Published: 7th September 2013

The Lord and his father our God are blinded when it comes to genres of something.
Whether it is a song, a movie, a book or whatever it may be, God and Jesus couldn’t care less about what the genre is, for they only care about the message contained inside.

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Im Blown Away With Jason Mraz In The Same Way As With Demi Lovato

Date Published: 25th February 2013

I have really found just so much respect for Jason Mraz now. As soon as I heard his song “I won’t give up”, that’s one of the songs that is helping me keep my spirits high along with Demi’s Skyscraper.

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