Your Time To Shine - Autism Awareness

Date Published: 1st April 2017

It’s April, Autism Awareness Month and I want to this year give awareness about how damn hard it is creating and keeping friendships when you have Autism or any seen/unseen disability and/or mental health condition, by doing exactly that, or at least do what I can to try and do that.

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We're Only Broken Souls Trying To Find Our Way Through The Dark

Date Published: 7th June 2014

There’s a girl in the bathtub
Blood gushing from her wrists
There’s a boy on London Bridge
Watching the water flow on by
We’re only broken souls trying to find our way,
trying to find our way through the dark

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It's Alright To Cry To Sleep, But Wake Up Smiling

Date Published: 11th September 2013

I do not care what ever anyone tells you about that it is cowardly to cry, because that simply is not true whatsoever.

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We All Do Mistakes, We All Are Human

Date Published: 11th June 2013

We all do mistakes
We all are human
We all do stupid things
We all have regrets
We all have sorrow
We all have guilt

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Never Run, Never Hide, Never Give Up

Date Published: 8th June 2013

Never run from your problems
Never hide from your pain
Never give up on your life
Running from any of your problems only increases the distance from the solution.
The easiest way to escape from the problem is to solve it.

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Command Your Pain To Leave In Jesus' Name

Date Published: 28th May 2013

Command your pain to leave
Command your sadness to leave
Command your depression to leave
Command your jealousy to leave
Command your addiction to leave
Don’t let Satan take over your life,
command him to leave in Jesus’ name, command him to leave in The Lord’s name, command him to leave in Yeshua’s name.

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