Is Abortion Murder?

UPDATE May 2019: I wrote this in blog post in early 2013. I am much more open to these issues now. I still agree abortion is not a nice thing at all because it is preventing a life that could of lived. But problems such as this cannot be fixed without a solution. I am not deleting what I have said here. But please, do not see me by my 2013 self. See me for who I am today. Please see my updated post about this topic here.

I’ve decided I’d do this post about abortions as I read an argument about whether its murder or not.
First of all, I do believe its murder, as although the Fetus isn’t even alive then, it is preventing someone from having a chance to live this life, so I class it as murder.
BUT I think it is completely wrong to say that it is wrong in every case, as what about rape and dangerously underage?
Being against abortion because it's preventing a life, that's well and good. But make sure you aren't part of the problem objectifying and not thinking of the consequences to your actions. First of all I will tell you regarding rape cases.
If someone has been raped, why should they be punished by being forced to give life to what they didn’t intentionally create in the first place, that they didn’t have the strengh to prevent? Who ever says that the victim of rape is a murderer just because they had an abortion, you’re just horrible!!

Pregnancies are very known to have lots of complications, especially the younger you are and/or if you have health/development problems.
The younger you are, the more of a risk there is that you might die from going through with a pregnancy. Why do you think there is underage laws? Not just because you’re too young, it’s because you’re not mature enough to be to a parent, plus your body isn’t mature enough for the pregnancy, so it can either likely cause complications or death!

One my friends back in around May/June 2012 who I had met from on Instagram, she was 12 (she told me she was 16 so I didn’t even know she was that young) and she got raped. If I had known she was only 12 then I would of told her that if she went through with the pregnancy she likely could die because she was well too young but what I actually told her was the below…

Think about what the baby would want, would it want to come into this life with the fact that its a child of rape haunting it for the whole of its life? I know I wouldn’t want to live with that haunting me, and I doubt you’d want to either. No one would.

I have seen that a lot of people, who are children of rape, self harm, are suicidal, depressed etc because they think they are worthless, think they aren’t wanted and shouldn’t be alive. It doesn't take much to understand that, because it's just a cold fact they were created from a beyond despicable act that should never of happened. It's not soething you can ever truly get over.

A lot have told me that that information, that someone is a child of rape, wouldn’t ever be slipped into the child’s hands. But they are going to find out some day for sure. I’ve seen a lot of that, where that informationn has been, and it sticks with them for the rest of their life.

So I believe that with rape cases, having an abortion actually is what the baby wants, because then they don’t need to live this life with that haunting them for the rest of their life.
Then, another thing is, why should you be punished by having the child if you didn’t want it, didn’t even willfully make it? If you don’t want the baby and you didn’t willfully create it you should be able to have an abortion, because it will save you going through all of that nasty 9 months for a baby that belongs to the rapist that you’ll have to put up with or put up for adoption.

>If you willfully had sex with someone, protected or unprotected it doesn’t matter, then you should not be having an abortion. If you’re underage then you should be allowed to have an abortion, but with the fact that if you go for an abortion you are in some way punished for murder as well as having underage sex which is against the law and if you do go ahead, be warned that you likely could have complications or worse death. So there is consequences which ever route you go. If your not underage, it shouldn't be an option.

If there is health issues, then that will be up to the medical services to judge if you need or should have the option of an abortion. But again like I said, if it is a rape case, the victim should have the choice, but it should be the rapist that is charged for murder as well as rape. You can’t punish someone when it wasn’t their fault, and they can find out if your lying or not because we are living in the 21st century so don’t forget there is lie detector.

It should come as common sense in my opinion. The rapist gets charged for the offences as well as of murder. And if its not a rape case, block them from having an abortion but if they are underage then have the option of abortion but with consequences.
This is my opinion how abortions should work. Abortions are wrong because it is murder, but you can’t always blame the person having them, but if you don’t want a child, then don’t have sex, simples!

Lastly though, we have a big problem which actually would be so wrong to not mention here. Whilst I still stand completely to my word that abortion is murder and shouldn't be an option to all, there's a reason other than people not wanting children.
People do want children, but people are basically being punished for actually wanting to provide children life. They're being punished by the same people who are against abortion... but don't waste any time before they're there objectifying & assaulting women like a certain person in power (at the time of editing this).

What we need is more of people thinking of consequencs before doing said actions, take responsibility and stop adding to tht list of problems of what's so wrong in this world.

I'm sure that the majority of people take abortion with a heavy heart. Whilst I'm still against abortion, I'm not going to be here to add more problems by judging people for it.

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Date Published: 27th February 2013
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