Monthly Archives: October 2013

It’s funny how you belong to a religion whilst you’re bullying!

I see you wearing that Hijab or carrying that Bible/Quran in your hand, and the next thing I see is you bullying? What’s up here? I thought you worshipped a God of Love, a God of peace? No? I’m sorry, but in my bible, it says God is peaceful, and full of love, and is against violence.

If your Bible/Quran says the opposite, then the God you’re worshipping is far different to mine.
My God is Good
My God is Powerful
My God is Loving
My God is Strong
My God is the one and only God and he is the truth.

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Don’t use someone’s past against them

Today, (14th October 2013) one of my friends, he was talking about retaliating or something like that, I can’t remember, and he asked me something like why not retaliate? And I said “you know I’m against violence, and so are you”, and he said to me “don’t tell me you’re against violence when you remember what you did to your wrist”. This was in class too!

The others didn’t hear what he was talking about, but they were asking and I just kept my mouth shut.

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