Monthly Archives: September 2013

Love like you’ve never been broken, laugh like you’ve never cried

Sometimes in life, bad things happen and sometimes in life, those bad things cost us lives. Sometimes it is our fault, other times it is not, but no matter what, we always seem to blame ourselves. We blame ourselves for even trying and are mad at our mistakes.

We blame ourselves for breaking hearts, and we blame others for breaking ours. It hurts, it hurts bad, and it gets harder every single time.

We all are human, and we make mistakes to learn from, so why do we let our mistakes tear us down to the ground?

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If you find and have faith in the righteousness of God, you overcome death

Being dead is when you don’t see life as it is

Being alive is when you truly see what life is about, and by that you overcome death.
Death isn’t what we all see it as. Passing away isn’t death itself, it’s simply moving onto the next stage of this awfully big adventure. 

You can go by the saying “to die would be an awfully big adventure”, as it will be, but do not forget you are already living an awfully big adventure.

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Genre don’t matter, But the message contained inside does

The Lord and his father our God are blinded when it comes to genres of something.
Whether it is a song, a movie, a book or whatever it may be, God and Jesus couldn’t care less about what the genre is, for they only care about the message contained inside.
You can phrase to The Lord and his father our God however. Sing it out, speak it, rap it, or scream it with all your lungs. They don’t care how you do it. What they do care about though is do you mean it when those words come out of your mouth? Is every word true?

Will it be the knife, or the pen? The choice is yours, but please, get it right

For me, lately it’s been the knife that I been resorting to. (not literally a knife, but what the knife represents) I’ve felt just so weak the past few weeks, I’ve been getting quite stressed, and I’ve just been completely ignoring the things I have written here on my blog and my Instagram account.

 It’s a bad example on staying strong when the person who is telling you to stay strong goes and falls into the same trap as you. I know that, but then it’s a perfect example to show I am a human being. It’s an example to show that I am not perfect, that I make mistakes, and that it doesn’t matter how strong I am, I do still fall in my weaknesses.