Monthly Archives: August 2013

Don’t stop believing

Do not ever stop believing in yourself
Do not ever lose hope in yourself
Do not ever think of yourself as worthless
Do not ever think life is a slow miserable way to die
I know it’s hard, it certainly isn’t easy and I cannot deny that when I feel down, I still have the thought of suicide strike through my mind, but I just tell myself NO!!
Why do I tell myself no?
It’s because I know it isn’t the way out, because I just like us all have a big future ahead of us. It will most certainly be a stressful future, but don’t let the dark frighten you from the light. Continue reading

Keep on climbing little one

If you fall don’t give up, because you are doing amazing, I am proud of you no matter what, and no matter how much you fall, what matters is that you lift yourself back up and stay trying.
It’s alright to cry yourself to sleep, but you need to wake up smiling.
It’s hard I know, and you will have times where you will slip down the ladder, but you just have to stay determined to get up to the top.

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No matter who you are

No matter who you are
No matter what you do
People always want something else from youYou could be Steve Jobs, or you could be that poor boy down the road begging for mercy and people will always want something more from you, something else from you.
You can be anything and people still will always want you to be something else.
They want you not to be you, and it’s up to you to stand up for yourself and tell them,

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