Monthly Archives: June 2013

Never run, never hide, never give up

Never run from your problems
Never hide from your pain
Never give up on your life
Running from any of your problems only increases the distance from the solution.
The easiest way to escape from the problem is to solve it.

Running from your problems is an impossible race to win.

So don’t hide from your pain, don’t run from your problems, start facing them. Face them in The Lord’s name, and they shall vanish.

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If you feel blue, then mix some other colors too

Make yourself colourful, stop choosing to be blue, or white, or grey, you need some colour, LOTS of colour!! So splash different colour paints all over you, or preferably show your inna colours!! You’ll feel a lot better!!

Stop feeling down, stop thinking of negativity and start thinking of positivity!!

You are beautiful therefore you deserve to shine so cheer up, hold that head up high, and splash some colour in your life!!