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The size don’t matter, but making a change does

No matter how small or large you make a difference, remember, you are still changing the world.Often or not it takes the little things to make a huge difference. Just one few second hug could change a whole life. Just one £/$/€(etc) sponsored to a charity could be enough to save a life.
Just one simple idea could become the worlds next major invention!
It doesn’t matter where you are, what race you are, what religion you are, what sexuality you are, what genre you are, what size you are, or what shape you are.
it doesn’t matter, because all it takes is one simple idea/action to change this world.

This is your life

Make the most of each day, always look at things positively. If something doesn’t go right, don’t worry, keep trying because the only time you fail is if you give up.
Be happy what you’ve got, don’t compare because what is important is who you are.
Always be hopeful. Success only comes to those who try.

Enjoy being unique because you are special and beautiful as you and you only. Never try being anyone other than you because you were born as you so you shall die as you.

We are human so we all make mistakes and we all learn from them, so if you’ve made a mistake, don’t worry because you’ve just shown that you are human.

Accept who you are

Accept what you have:

Accept who you are, appreciate your weaknesses and strengths!
Make the most of what you’ve got. Realise that what you see as your weaknesses others see as strengths.

You can’t go forever trying to walk in other people’s shoes.
Don’t be jealous they have this and that which you don’t have as what you may think as just “junk” others will see you as damn lucky you’ve got that.

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