Colour Don't Matter

Date Published: 27th March 2013

Doesn’t matter what colour you are, black, green, purple, blue, yellow, red, orange, white, grey, brown, or what, love WILL come your way!!
Just because you’re heartbroken now, you won’t be forever, so put down that letter to mommy and daddy saying why you have put that knife through your beautiful kind caring heart, and instead just smile, and tell yourself “JUST STAY STRONG (insert your name), for you WILL find your Prince Charming!!! Just keep trying!!!”

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Someone's Reason To Smile

Date Published: 24th March 2013

You are someone’s reason to smile!!
Even if you don’t know it, even if you’ve never met that someone before, you are that persons reason to smile and he/she does not understand why they smile so hugely.

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Beauty Comes In All Different Shapes, Colours & Sizes

Date Published: 23rd March 2013

Beauty comes in all different shapes, colours and sizes. What may be ugly to some is the most beautiful sight ever to others.
Everyone’s beautiful, sadly though no one really can see their own beauty. It always takes someone else to see that beauty, otherwise I guess we wouldn’t ever be looking away from the mirror as we’d always wanna see ourselves each second.
What it takes is to build up your self esteem and I know it’s hard, it damn well is hard, especially when you got nothing but nasty words etc being said to you by others in school etc, but I can tell you this one fact!!

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This May Be Hell, But I'm Not Satan

Date Published: 22nd March 2013

This may be hell, but I’m not Satan
This may be wonderland, but I’m not Alice

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You Are Beautiful

Date Published: 20th March 2013

No matter what shape or size you are, always remember that you are beautiful. If you’ve got a caring heart then you’ve just proved that you’re 104% pure beauty!!!

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Words Don't Have To Hurt

Date Published: 18th March 2013

We have all said that words hurt, and that is true, so bully, think twice before you say what you are about to say.
But it is only true to a certain extent. Words don’t have to hurt, and they won’t hurt if you don’t let them hurt.

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Correcting Incorrectly Displayed Websites in Internet Explorer

Date Published: 16th March 2013

Have you visited a website on Internet Explorer that will not function and/or display correctly? How do you correct the problem? Ever since Internet Explorer 8 there has been a very easy method to do this using a feature called “Compatibility View”.

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Baby That's Just Me

Date Published: 13th March 2013

I am confident, but I still hide away from time to time
I am brave, but I still get scared from time to time
I am happy, but I still get tears from time to time

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My Body, Leave It Alone

Date Published: 11th March 2013

You don’t own my body so don’t make out you do.
You don’t own anyone’s body except your own so don’t make out you do.
You don’t own your lovers body so don’t make out you do.

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Is It The Law To Find Your Joke Funny?

Date Published: 10th March 2013

Just because you may think that the joke you are pulling is funny, don’t assume others will find it funny.
I’m not telling you to quit making jokes, but be careful as they might end up being insults.
If someone doesn’t find your joke funny and gets upset from it, even if its a little silly joke don’t laugh at them.
We all have a right to not find something funny, but we don’t have the right to make fun out of that person for getting upset about it.

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