If I have moved away from Wordpress, what CMS am I using now to run my blogs on?

Nothing but exactly what the rest of my site runs on, just flat file PHP/HTML/CSS with no CMS of any kind.

I began using Wordpress back in Jan 2016 when I had just moved my site away from Weebly to this awesome beautiful hosting service called InstaFree.

I originally was looking around for WYSIWYG alternatives to Weebly, but 99% of everything else I found would not offer the simple feature that Weebly luckily offers.. Near to full editable access to the website's CSS/HTML/JS code.

I never dreamt back in 2015 that I would end up just coding everything myself instead of doing things visually as you do with WYSIWYG. Weebly being so easy to use without needing to know how to code, yet having that option there, that helped me get a basic understanding of html and a big idea of what I visually want my site to look like.

But finding InstaFree, and finding that there are some absolutely amazing code editors about that will give you a live preview of what you have just changed, coding is just amazingly fun and so much more rewarding with the results you get afterwards.

I wasn't ready back then to not use a CMS for my blogs, but from all the PHP tricks I've been learning about to create dynamic menues and things, I know how I can do a blog without a CMS.

So why do I not want to use a CMS or a database for my blog? Don't I have to do so many things manually?

By using a CMS, I have to have a login. By having a login, that obviously means that you need to keep on top of security updates. Then there is that I have to redo my site design for that CMS, so I have to make changes here and there instead of one place, unless I was to move my whole site over to that CMS. Lastly, from what I know, there's no CMS that allows you to have multiple sub blogs under one main blog. It has to be seperate.

By using a database, you are tied to the server and it's not so easy to fix if you mess things up. I like working with text files, organised in folders. Even if it means more work, that's what I prefer. And I was awful at databases back in college. I hate them. Kill them with fire I say.

The few things I have to do manually is create folders for each monthly archive page, category and tag page. But basically everything else you see is all dynamic by the power of PHP including RSS feeds. Out of the things I have to do manually, I can get things done quicker than posting a blog post by Wordpress and correcting the messed up formating it so often does (in particular line breaks).

The customisation I have, the 100% tied in coding to the rest of my site, and the fact I can leave this literally forever without worry of missing serious security updates (as I don't have any CMS), It's all worth it for me.

I hope you enjoy this new and improved blog, and I will in due time be adding tricks and tips for web developement etc on this sub blog. So stay tuned!