November 2012

Are You Going Through A Heartbreak?

Date Published: 30th November 2012

If you believe you have met the love of your life, don't let him/her go! Obviously let them be free but at the same time do not let them go!!
It doesn't matter what your past has been like, don't let your past make you believe each and every person is just the same old heartless person. Everyone's different!!!

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Suicide Is A Lie

Date Published: 21st November 2012

Do you think suicide is an easy way out to end your pain? Well it isn’t! It is a Sin and will only eliminate your chances of EVER ending your pain.I know most of you want to keep the fact you want to die as a secret as I have been through the same kind of stage during 2012 and before and I didn’t want to tell anyone, but ever since I met my BFFs, they’ve turned my life around, and at the same time have entirely turned around the way I look at life too.

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